Friday, April 2, 2010

The Carp Carrot

I'm still working on the refilling my carp fly box and I am adding a few new patterns this year.  I came across a pattern called the Carp Carrot on Mr. P's Blog .  This fly is one is one of his original patterns and he ties it a little differently.  The hackle collar in the original pattern is yellow dyed pheasant rump.  Not having that on hand, I searched through my desk for an alternative.  I came across some grizzly marabou in a bunch of colors and tied some in an all orange version.  I like using marabou in this type of fly.  The material comes alive in the water even when the fly is at rest on the lake bottom.  I plan to tie up some of the original versions as soon as the big brown truck delivers my supply of yellow pheasant rump.
The Carp Carrot
Hook:  Size 6 (The hook pictured is an old, no longer made, ring eyed Mustad)
Weight:  Lead dumbbells (small)
Body:  Orange dubbing mixed with a little flash
Collar:  Orange dyed grizzly marabou

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  1. I just tied up some carp carrots myself. Yours look great. I need to ties some up with the marabou collar. Have you caught any carp with the fly?