Saturday, May 22, 2010

The minimalist approach of Tenkara

One of the things I like the most about Tenkara is the simplicity.  Rod, line and a handful of flies is all you need.
 Over the winter I picked up this simple set up with Tenkara in mind.  This handmade lanyard/fly holder is made by Goertzen Adventure Equipment.  They make two types; one with a fold out fly patch and one that will hold a standard Wheatley fly box (or similar sized box).   This simple accessory holds all the flies you need for a day on the water, extra tippet, tools, and what ever else you feel the need to attach to it.  I have two of these set ups.  The one pictured above is set up for pursuing bluegills, the second one holds my traditional Tenkara flies.
Open up the fly patch and grab what you need.  The design holds wet and dry flies without crushing hackles.  If you lined them up nice a pretty you could carry several dozen flies no problem.

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