Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tenkara Nymphing

A few weeks ago we tried to do a little early season nymphing using Tenkara rods. The stream we fished has some very good sized fish swimming in it and we questioned how these light flexible rods would handle heavy nymph rigs and good sized fish. The results...
Ok so we could get the flies to the fish but what would happen if we connected with a good sized fish. Moments after the above video was shot my buddy Rick hooks up with that big brown. The fish ran about the tail of the pool as I tried to find my camera. It promptly ran out of the pool into the fast water below. Rick manages to hold on to him and get out onto some of the boulders to continue follow the fish. In the end it is fish one tenkara zero.
Finally we are able to get a fish to hand. Not a big fish but a strong one in fairly fast water.
Tenkara techniques definately hold promise, I look forward to some more experimentation.


  1. Great post. I've been trying tenkara (including nymphs) for about 6 months as well...really getting into it. Not perfect for every situation, but on some of the small streams and creeks I fish, it's ideal.

    Very nice blog btw...I've added myself as a follower. Looking forward to checking back often.

    - Mike

  2. Thanks for the kind words! Your right about tenkara not the best choice for every situation but when you fish a piece of water that suites it, nothing can beat it. Nymphing is very effective with a tenkara rod especially if you shorten you leader a bit and apply Polish or Czech techniques. It is made to order for that type of fishing.