Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Recycled Waders

During the winter I picked up a 'Nook Sack from Recycled Waders.  This company reclaims old blown out waders and gives them a second chance at life.   Your old waders are "deconstructed" then cleaned and sewn into useful fly fishing accessories.  Each piece is unique, bearing the original wader's color patterns, stains, patches etc.  Send them your old waders to have them make something just for you or you can donate your waders with the piece of mind that they will be recycled into something useful for another angler.
This simple shoulder bag will hold everything I need for a warm-water outing.  It has a large main compartment, a smaller internal pocket and zippered compartment on the front.  Throw a couple fly boxes in there, some forceps, bug dope, nippers and extra tippet and your good to go.  As a plus, it will probably hold the largest fly box you own, perfect for larger bass and pike flies.  I carry far less gear when fishing local lakes compared to trips to trout waters.  Warm-water fishing for me means simplicity and this bag is perfect.


  1. Is the pouch essentially waterproof since it is made from waders?

  2. The material retains its waterproof abilities but the seams are not sealed in any way.