Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Carp Reconnoissance

I have been looking for new water to sight fish to carp and I think I may have found something.  While trout fishing today I decided to take a walk down to where the stretch of river I fish empties into a small shallow lake.
Right off the bat things looked very promising.  Small pods of very large carp (some in the 20-30lb class) were slowly cruising about.
When I spotted a solo fish obviously feeding I took a few photos.
I followed this fish as he made his way against the gentle current.  Every few feet he would dip down and take something off the bottom.  I was armed with a 5wt Hardy glass rod so I resisted casting to him.  Finally I gave into temptation despite the fact that I was severely under gunned.  A carp carrot was dropped 5 feet in front of him and allowed to settle to the bottom.  A subtle twitch when he was about a foot away was all to took.  He slid over dipped his head and sucked up the fly.  Then all hell broke loose.  He shot out to the center of the "lake" scattering all of the other pods of fish.  There were carp flying everywhere.  I don't think that soft fiberglass rod offered enough resistance to sink the hook into those fat rubber lips.  After that first run across the flat the line went limp.  I ended up with a crushed ego and a very mangled fly for my effort.

Tally for 2010
Carp = 2
Jersey Angler = 0


  1. I know what you mean - I think my tally was like carp 30 me zero before I finally hooked one. Looks like a promising spot for sure.

  2. Awesome site with some great flies and pictures. Can't believe I haven't seen this site before. I've got a few carp spots that you could hit if you're interested. Send me and e-mail to chris@creekaddict.com. I'd love to know where this one is!! lol

  3. Very similar to the carp flies I use....