Monday, April 19, 2010

Effective Patterns

The Pink Czech Nymph
I thought I would make a habit of sharing what flies have been working for me as a regular feature this season.  The this nymph was my most effective pattern on the season opener a few weeks ago.  This pink Czech nymph has been racking up some serious numbers with the rainbows on my local waters since the beging of April.  It is interesting to note that the fly has caught only rainbows, no other trout species, though plenty of brook and brown trout have been caught on other patterns. 

The Recipe:
Hook:  Knapek Czech Nymph #12
Thread: Brown uni 6/0
Underbody:  Adhesive backed lead tape (single layer)
Ribbing:  Fine gold tinsel and 4X maxima tippet material (the brown variety) or gold wire
Shellback:  Mylar tinsel
Abdomen:  Pink rabbit dubbing mixed with a little UV pink ice dub
Thorax:  Brown hare's ear mixed witha little brown ice dub

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