Tuesday, July 20, 2010

There's Hope...

We snagged a late night flight into Bozeman. The big question now is will we get there before the car rental joint closes. Delta still SUCKS...

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We'll we missed our connecting flight and we're stuck in Minneapolis until 9:00 am tomorrow morning. Working on a plan B that may get us out tonight. Did I mention Delta SUCKS!

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I've been stuck at Newark Airport since 6:00am. I'm going miss my connecting flight to Bozeman MT, if I can get one at all. Why you ask? Because some forgot to charge a frigging battery on the plane! But no worries I received a $7.00 meal voucher from Delta that won't even buy a sandwich in this airport! Delta SUCKS!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A long dry spell...

I'm finally getting around to wetting a line after a long dry spell, but not here in New Jersey. Extremely hot temperatures here in the northeast put an early end to my trout fishing in New Jersey early in June. As a personal rule I stop fishing when water temps near 70 degrees. I started seeing those numbers on a regular basis by mid June so I'm giving the trout a break until the fall. Things heated up a little early this year. While doing some stream inmprovement work last month I observed close to a hundred fish stacked like cordwood at the outflow of a small cold water feeder creek. I usually don't see that behavior in these parts until the peak of summer in late July or August.
Where am I fishing? The promised land of trout fishing... Montana! At the moment I a sorting through a mountain of gear to get ready for next week's trip. After almost a month without a fly rod in my hand I'm going through withdrawals.