Portable Tying Kit

Case:  Fishpond Tomahawk Fly Tying Bag
Battery powered Ott Lamp with charger
Tying glasses +1.75
Marco Polo Vice/Kit
  • This kit is comprised of: Marco Polo Vise, Bobbin threader, 2-in-1 Hair Stacker, 3-in-1 Half Hitch Tool, 2-in-1 Whip Finish Tool, Tying Scissors, Tool Stand, Hair Comb, Bobbin Holder, 3-in-1 Bobbin Kit, 3-in-1 Dubbing Brush, Dubbing Twister Plus, Hackle Pliers, Magnetic Hook Tray, & Bobbin Hanger.
Exacto knife
Griffs Thin cement
5 minute epoxy singles
Super glue

Hooks: (all stored in magnetic hook pallets)
  • Dry Fly:  12-22
  • Curved Scud:  12-22
  • Std. Nymph:  10-20
  • 2x Long Nymph: 10-20
  • 2x Long Curved Nymph/Dry:  6-16
  • Streamer:  4-12
  • Standard Wet:  8-18
Beads: (stored in the plastic boxes provided with the case)
  • Brass:  1.5mm - 1/8"
  • Tungsten: gold, copper, silver, black, orange, white, brown:  3/32" - 3/16"
  • Glass:  olive, amber, mercury, brown, red, and black
Wire/Tinsel: (stored in the tubes provided in the case)
  • Lead:  .015 & .025
  • Copper:  X-Sm, Sm, Br, M
  • Gold:  X-Sm, Sm, Br, M
  • Silver:  Sm, Br, M
  • Olive, Black, & Red: Sm, M
  • Oval and Flat Tinsel:  Sm, M, L
Dubbing dispensers:
  • SLF Master Class
  • Dry Fly Assortment
  • Nymph Assortment
  • Ice Dub Assortment
  • Peacock herl
  • Pheasant Tail
  • Turkey Tail
  • Flats
  • Ostrich herl
  • Wood duck
  • CDC (rust, white, dun, olive)
  • Biots (rust, black, brown, white, yellow, olive, dun, gray)
Flash:  Pearl & Peacock
Chenille Assortment
Snowshoe Hare:  tan, black, dun
Microfibbet assortment
Zelon assortment
Egg yarn assortment
Hen Necks:  Black, brown, ginger, dun, grizzly
Rooster Necks:  Black, brown, furnace, ginger, dun, grizzly
Coastal Deer:  Light, natural, dyed, dun
Yearling Elk:  Natural, dark, dyed gray
Lambswool Assortment
Moose body hair
Foam:  Black, orange, olive, tan, brown, white
Polypropylene yarn:  White, light gray, yellow
Thin Skin or Scudback:  (clear, olive, black, gray, orange, mottled & several flash colors)
Hare's mask
Squirrel:  Grey, Pine & Fox (hide and tails)
Zonker strip assortment
Threads & Floss:
  • 8/0:  Black, brown, olive, gray, cream
  • 6/0:  Black, brown, olive, red, orange
  • Uni-stretch:
Light green cloth for tying background