Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bead-head Cooper Bug

Bead-head Cooper Bug
The Cooper Bug is a pattern that I have never really been able to warm -up to.  It is a very effective pattern on my home waters that used by a lot of the "old timers".  I need to be careful throwing the "old timer" phrase around because I am rapidly approaching that status myself.  My biggest problem with this fly is figuring out exactly what it is supposed to represent.  Funny thing is I have no problem tossing a pink Czech nymph around on the end of my line, go figure.
This winter I was teaching a fly tying class and one of the patterns in the curriculum was the Cooper Bug.  One of my students asked if you could tie the pattern with a bead-head, I replied "sure why not" and that's what we did.  That's the reason this particular pattern ended up in my box.
I tied it on the end of my leader on a whim and it produced like crazy.  Once again I have no idea why the fish were taking this pattern.  The only insect activity on the water were a few Hendrickson's , but the fly does not strike me as an imitation of that nymph.  After using it that first day, I went home and tied up a dozen.  The fish have chewed up those flies and its time to tie some more.

Hook:  Diachi 730 size 14
Bead: Gold or copper tungsten
Ribbing :  Red wire
Body:  Peacock herl
Tail and shell back:  Deer hair

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