Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tenkara Yamame

I thought I would talk a little about the Tenkara rod I have been using for nymphing.  The rod is called the Yamame.  This rod is has the most backbone out of all of the rods offered by Tenkara USA.  This rod can easily handle a team of two to three nymphs and is also your best choice for fish over 16" in length, which is a common occurrence on my home river.   Like all Tenkara rods this rod has an ultra soft tip section but it has a substantial amount of power in its mid and butt sections.  It feels considerably different from my second Tenkara rod, the Ayu, which is a foot longer but feels much lighter.  To date the largest fish I have landed on the rod this year was a 18" rainbow taken out of very fast water.  I lost a fish in the 22"-24" range on my last outing but I really can't blame that debacle on the rod.  The Yamame is 12' long which gives it excellent reach for my preferred method of nymphing.
 Tenkara rods are described with ratios, the Yamame is given a ration of 7:3.  As I understand it it means the top 30% of the rod is soft and the bottom 70% of the rod is much stiffer.  By comparison the Ayu has a ratio of 5:5.  I need to experiment with some of the other rods, but the Yamame is doing everything I ask of it when it comes to nymphing.  I can highly recommend it.

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