Monday, May 10, 2010

CJTU's Fly of the Month - May 2010

As some of you already know, I am the president of a New Jersey Trout Unlimited chapter, Central Jersey Trout Unlimited.  One of the most popular features of our monthly newsletter is the Fly of the Month.  All of these patterns are tied and submitted by our members.  Many of the flies are only known locally and some of our tiers especially this month's tier, Ron Ruskai, love to bring back long forgotten patterns.  I though I would share these patterns here as well.  

The Vampire (tied by Ron Ruskai)
This pattern originated in Maine, and is proven effective on lakes here in New Jersey.

Hook - 6X Long 8-4
Thread - Black 6/0
Tag - Flat silver tinsel
Body - Black Floss
Rib - Flat silver tinsel
Throat - White Calftail and red hackle fibers
Wing - Red Krystal Flash and red & black hackles

If you are interested,  I have put together a website listing the last few years of patterns submitted, CJTU Fly of the Month.  You can also directly access the fly of the month patterns through CJTU's website

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