Thursday, May 20, 2010

Singlebarbed's Sixth Finger Scissor

I have been using the original version of Singlebarbed's Sixth Finger Scissor for several months now and love the design.  My one complaint was the delicate design of these scissors.  They work great for most materials but I would not use them of the heavy stuff.
Shortly after receiving my original pair Keith announced the next generation of the sixth finger scissors.  Same design in two sizes the original and a general purpose.  These new scissors sport tungsten inserts in the blades.  I picked up a pair of each but the larger general purpose scissor is quickly becoming my favorite.   I think Keith's words describe it best.

The “Big Dawg” has finally arrived, equipped with the same adjustable screw, larger and heavier jaw, and the obligatory tungsten carbide edges that allow it to chew through the awkward and ungainly.
We preserved the same sharp tip, which allows the large size to reach and cut with the same delicacy, and added the longer, heavier jaw to resist deflection, and allowing more force on the cleave without tearing up the screw hole.
The fingerhole spacing is identical to the 4.5” scissor ensuring the same amount of scissor protrudes above the hand as its smaller cousin. Interchanging the two models will not require any adjustment in the user’s grip.
Having spent the last four months testing and retesting finger placement, shaft lengths, and “dogfooding” all those really clever ideas that proved less so – I’m very much pleased by the final product.
I call these the “General Purpose” model, 5.5” inches in length and designed to be the scissor for all your flies, not merely the small or delicate. The larger blades allow for larger chunks of material to be cut in a single snip, and should plow through those awkward or large materials that cause the smaller blade to deflect.
I still wouldn’t cut bead chain with them, that’s the job of a heavy shear style scissor – not something with a refined point. Everything else is fair game.

Awesome scissors at a great price!

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