Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Old Split Tail on Tenkara

A good fish on Tenkara...
We picked up a bunch of fish today plying the waters with tenkara rods and flies.  Landing fish in the 20" class with these rods is still the glass ceiling.  I fished the 13' Ayu today, the added length allowed me to cover even more water but really did not assist much with the big boys.  Rick does a good job playing this fish.  The key to landing larger fish is to keep them close once they run out on you and force you to lower the rod tip your done...
My friend Rick with a good fish on Tenkara.


  1. Nice fish. Rick has a reason for that big smile.

  2. Nice! What's with the tail? Looks like someone took a bite out of it.

  3. Nice brown and I loved the video!