Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ken Lockwood Streamer

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a old local pattern, the Ken Lockwood Streamer.  Ken Lockwood, was a outdoor enthusiast, conservationist, and journalist. Ken Lockwood's column in the Newark News was entitled "Out In The Open".  This daily column was featured in the Newark News for 35 years. "Out in the Open" was one of the earliest known outdoor columns. 

Thus it is befitting that one of the most beautiful wildlife management areas in New Jersey bears Ken Lockwood's name. This 260 acre tract of woodlands includes a two and one-half mile portion of the South Branch of the Raritan River.  This property has been part of the state's Green Acres program since his death in 1948.

I consider the South Branch of the Raritan River, particular the waters in the Ken Lockwood Gorge, my home river.  So I was particularly interested in this pattern that bears the name of the man that made this fishery possible.

I tied up a dozen earlier in the week and had a chance to get them wet today.  It turns out to be a great little streamer pattern.  It was neat to catch fish on a little known pattern from the 1930's on the very waters where it originated.

The Ken Lockwood Streamer
Hook:  4x long streamer hook of choice
Thread: 6/0 Black
Body: Red floss
Ribbing:  Gold tinsel
Wing: Black bucktail
Throat:  White bucktail or hackle
Cheek (optional): Jungle cock

The Ken Lockwood Streamer's First Victim


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