Monday, March 22, 2010

Fly Tying on the 40th Floor

I'm away on a business trip and I originally thought I would be away from from the vice for a whole week.  With the season opener two weeks away I still have a lot of tying to do.  Then I remembered the Marco Polo kit.
    I snagged one of these off of e-bay a few months back and threw it in a drawer with intentions of using it on fishing trips away from home.  I threw some thread on that triple spooled bobbin and filled the hook pallet up and dumped it in my luggage.  I had a small bag packed with miscellaneous materials from a fly tying class I was teaching and dumped that in as well.  This afternoon I spent a few enjoyable hours looking out over the storm filled skyline of Atlantic City tying flies.  It sure beat pissing away money in the casinos.  I should have spent some time putting together the materials needed for the flies I was hoping to tie, but I am getting by with the odds and ends I had already packed.  Its a little hard to come by a fly shop in this town.  I wonder what kind of materials one could get off a seagull...


  1. I am jealous that you have one of those!!!

  2. It really is a great set-up. Every thing is of the highest quality. Everything you need is a very compact package. Granted its expensive, but I picked mine up off of e-bay at a considerable savings.