Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Micro Nymph Jig

I am slowly but surely getting hooked on these european jig fly hooks.  I mainly use them for the depth charges.  Heavy flies designed to bring a multiple fly rig down into the "zone".  By design these flies will ride hook point up there by reducing (but not eliminating) hang ups.  I recently discovered some of these hooks in size 16 and 18, and got to work tying some micro nymphs on them.
Micro-nymph Jig Fly
Hook:  size 18 jig hook
Bead:  Gold tungsten
Thread:  8/0 black
Tail:  Brown CDC fibers
Body:  Brown fly-rite dubbing
Rib:  Extra small gold or copper wire
Thorax:  Peacock Ice Dub

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  1. Hey Brother this is totally unrelated to your post but I think its something more East coast trout heads should be aware of. Heres a link to the Take Action site from TU http://takeaction.tu.org/c.ntJSJ8MPIqE/b.5824071/k.4C3D/Upper_Delaware_River_Watershed/siteapps/advocacy/ActionItem.aspx I grew up in NJ and fished the Delly often and it would be a shame to see it destroied!!! If its something that interests you post it and get more envolved!