Sunday, February 28, 2010

Polish Woven Nymph

During the Fly Fishing show last month I ran into a friend of mine, Aaron Jasper.  Aaron was tying woven polish nymphs, something I have been doing for years.  I have always liked the appearance of flies with woven bodies but the effort put into tying them always put me off.  Aaron's method of handling the material changed all that.  Using bobbins to weave on the body material really speeds up the process and allows for precise placement of the woven materials.

Some of mine...
This olive over insect green color combination is a great imitation of a caddis larva for the South Branch of the Raritan River.  A stream that I spend a lot of time on every year.  A lead underbody and tungsten bead makes it a good choice for early season high water conditions.


  1. Those woven nymphs look very good! Have you been out lately? When this snow melts out in PA, it's going to take forever for the streams to come down. I like the blog a lot!

  2. I am actually heading out tomorrow! Its been a crazy winter, I would normally have a dozen trips under my belt by know. Tomorrow will be the first!

  3. Have you been out lately? We can take my drift boat down the South Branch!

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