Monday, August 16, 2010

Super Ant

Another kick ass terrestrial pattern on my Montana trip was this monstrosity dubbed the Super Ant.  My buddy Rick turned me on to this fly while fishing the Elk Meadow section of the Gibbon River.   The day before we had cleaned up on Slough Creek fishing ant patterns.  Following the old adage that bigger is better this fly was born.  Trout of all sizes on the Gibbon gobbled up this fly consistently.  It turned what started out to be a mediocre day into a great one.

Hook:  Dry Fly 8-10 3x long
Thread:  6/0 Black
Body: Rainy's Foam (small or medium)
Hackle:  Black Rooster

This simple pattern uses two materials foam and feathers.

1.   Start by trimming a tapered end to one side of the foam.
2.  Lay down a base of thread then lash down the foam

 3.  Once the foam is secured two the hook shank continue to lay down thread wraps until you build a good base for the hackle.
4.  Tie in an appropriate sized hackle by the tip.

5.  Warp the hackle around the foam and tie off.
6.  Bring the thread forward under the foam to the second lashing point.
7.  Lash down the foam and prepare another spot to add a second hackle.

8.  Wrap the second hackle the same way as the first and tie off.
9.  Bring the thread under the foam and tie off at the eye of the hook.

Your Done!

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