Friday, August 6, 2010

Big Bugs

One of the things I love about Montana is that there are still waters where you can cast big flies to fish and not send them scurrying off to cover.  I guess one reason is the fish are used to seeing big insects.  The most famous being the salmon fly.
Although we missed the salmon fly hatch year there were still plenty of big bugs around for the taking.  Big bugs are not limited to the dry fly fisherman.  Nymphal forms of these insects are an even more popular food form for these fish.

                                                    Yes, there are two hands holding up these salmon fly nymphs
As I mentioned, the salmon flies were gone, except for a few wayward adults flying about.  However, there was another hatch coming off that was just as good.  Stone flies and big ones at that...

But the stone fly family does not have the market cornered when it comes to big bugs.  There were plenty of hoppers around to keep the fish fat and happy as well.  Hell, even the caddis flies are on steroids out there!

Now, if only the fish that ate these bugs were as big...


  1. Love the photo of the stone on your fingers. Pretty little guy!

  2. My daughter would not like this post. Her daddy on the other hand...