Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Death of a Fishery

Even though the cutthroat fishing on the Yellowstone River is a shell of its former self due to the lake trout infestation, there were still fish to be had on my last visit to the area.  This year a trip to Buffalo Ford was a bust.  Not a fish to be seen.  The fishery has been severely declining over the years but there was always at least one shot a good fish.  Not this year...
Buffalo Ford
On my previous trip the nearby LeHardy Rapids still held some cuts.  This video shows the fish holding in the "quiet" water near shore, resting for a few minutes before they continued their journey.

It is quite disheartening when you realize that this fishery, that existed for eons, is likely gone forever.


  1. I hate reading about this sort of thing. Reminds me of what has been happening with the Rapid River in Maine where the brook trout fishery is being invaded by small mouth bass illegally introduced, presumably (I don't know) in one of the ponds/lakes that are part of the river system..

  2. Fantastic view on the first picture!

    Cutthroats are very beautiful creatures!