Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Willowfish Fly Company Panfish Slayer

My seven year old son William tied some wet flies for panfish with odds and ends lying on the desk as I tied up a bunch of "hot butt" pheasant tail nymphs.  I am very impressed with his tying.  He managed to turn out three flies all on different sized hooks that looked identical, a feat I still have trouble mastering sometimes.  I helped him out from time to time but for the most part he tied these on his own.
He proudly showed the flies to his mother and announced he is going into business selling flies.  I love his company name but I think his five dollar a piece price tag was a little steep!  It will be the best fifteen dollars I ever spent if he keeps his interest in fly tying.

Hook:  2X long nymph hook (size 8-12)
Tail:  Pheasant tail
Abdomen:  Green Ice Dub
Thorax:  UV Pink Ice Dub
Hackle:  Pheasant rump feathers
Thread: 3/0 black  (heavy yes, but he doesn't break it as often)

These flies should tear up the bluegill and crappie next spring, hell I bet they would do a number on trout if they were scaled down in size.


  1. Nice tie Willowfish. I'll take a dozen.

  2. Get out your wallet. At the going rate that will be $60.00, but I sure he can give you free shipping with your first order!