Saturday, January 30, 2010

The new fly tying area

I finally have my new fly tying area set up.  I picked up the desk on Monday and spent the week getting things in order.  I still have a lot of material that won't fit in the desk itself so I am going to save my pennies for a Stoney Creek Concord Corner Hutch.   Then I can get rid of all those plastic boxes and store the rest of my material in style.
The desk is 60" long and is designed so two tiers can work side by side.  This is the main reason I decided to go with this style desk.  My son William has taken an interest in fly tying and we can work side by side very comfortably.  He is putting out some pretty good looking flies and he is only seven years old!  We spent a few hours tying this evening I turned out a dozen "hot butt" pheasant tail nymphs and he tied a fly he calls the Panfish Slayer with the odds and ends lying on the desk.

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