Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Blood Gill

This was a new streamer for me this past fall.  It proved to be a very effective pattern for brown trout in the later part of the season.  I just finished tying up a dozen to restock the streamer box for next year.

Hook:  4x long down eye streamer hook.  (I used a Mustad 79580)
Tail:  Olive marabou
Body:  Peacock crystal flash wrapped around the hook shank
Wing:  Olive/brown saddle feathers and six strands of peacock crystal flash
Overwing:  Chartreuse grizzly saddle hackle
Collar:  Red saddle hackle
Eyes:  Bead chain

1 comment:

  1. Hello Jersey Angler: A fishing buddy tweeked me to your site re the "blood Gill". As the orignator of this fly its great to see how far afield it has spread. It was created in 2009 for brown trout in the Stauffer & North Raven Rivers located west of Innisfail, Alberta and since its creation I have filled orders for this fly as far away as New Mexico. In its original colors of olive it performs well in smaller creeks and rivers. However, in larger water sheds (Bow River, Old Man and Sheep) located in southern Alberta the preferred color is white. Simply substitute the olive and chartruse colors for white. The Blood Gill was originally profiled in FLYFUSION Magazine published in Calgary, Alberta in their May 2009 issue: Vol 6, Issue 2. Great to read your comments on it.

    Bob Overland (Muskwa Flies)