Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Vise...

I have been tying with a LAW pedestal vise for close to ten years now.  The vice is made by Lawrence Waldron of England.  The vise has a pretty good following with British and European flytiers and I see more and more of them showing up stateside.  I just cannot say enough positive things about this piece of equipment, it is an absolute joy to use, and it is holding up extremely well.  Works as good as the day I recieved it.

Expensive yes, especially now with exchange rates being so out of wack.  I lucked out when I purchased mine.  The dollar was stronger, the pound weaker and in the end I paid less than a Renzetti Presentaion would have cost me.  I believe Lawrence is still making them one at a time.

As far as I know he still does not have a website or e-mail address, and does his business the old fashion way by mail and phone.  He was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I strongly recommend his work.

Contact information:
Lawrence A. Waldron
3 Crockington Close
Seisdon, Staffs. WV5 7EL
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1902 896315

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