Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pancora Streamer

I saw this streamer pattern tied for the first time this summer during TU's national meeting in Michigan.  Unfortunately I lost my notes so I can't give the creater of the pattern the credit that he deserves.  This streamer was one of my top producers this fall.  The pattern was originally designed to target trout swimming in the waters of Patagonia and was tied to imitate the Pancora.  Pancora are a crustacean which sorta looks like a mix between a crab and a crayfish.  

Luckily the colors do a pretty good job matching our local crayfish species.  I fish this fly in a heavily weighted version and try and bounce it along the bottom.  It works well being stripped like a traditional streamer as well.
Hook:  Straight Eye Streamer 2-6
Cone: Gold tungsten
Weight: .35 lead wire
Tail:  Olive or orange marabou (orange version shown)
Body: Olive Estaz
Rib:  Gold wire
Wing:  Olive zonker strip - secured zonker style with the gold wire ribbing
Legs:  White round rubber
Collar:  I tie two versions olive metallic dubbing as pictured or red metallic dubbing


  1. The pattern is posted on Hawkings Outfitters web site, Traverse City, MI could they be the guy.

    The versions on line don't have a wing, did you fish any with out?

    Your fishing co-criminal.

  2. No, I fished it just as its pictured, I'll have to check out the wingless version. Is it tied like a bugger?

  3. Similiar to a hybrid wooly bugger I use for large trout and bass,try using a hook put out by the fly shop out of redding calif.,60 degree bend hook #6 with cone head and weighted rides hook point up slides right over rocks and stumps.

  4. I like the idea of the bent hook. I'll check them out.