Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Czech Nymphs

Here is one of my most effective Czech nymph patterns this last season.  These are quick easy ties, a little sloppy but the fish don't mind.  You can turn out a couple dozen in no time at all.  The key to tying an effective Czech or Polish style nymph is turning out a fly with a good amount of weight and a thin profile.  I will weight these patterns with adhesive backed lead tape or square lead wire.  Both methods will allow you to load a hook with more weight than traditional lead wire.  Some flies have a single layer of lead some a double.  Its pretty easy to figure out which is which by just holding them in your hand.

This pattern is a basic olive Czech Nymph.

Hook:  Partridge CZ #12
Shell back:  Tan Shrimp Foil
Inner Ribbing:  Gold Wire
Outer Ribbing:  Mono
Abdomen:  Synthetic Light Olive Dubbing
Heart/Spot:  Clear UV Dubbing
Thorax:  Brown Hares Mask

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