Saturday, July 9, 2011

Swapping the waders for a kayak

Big gun at the ready
As the season changes from spring to summer, my fly fishing shifts from coldwater to warmwater, from trout to bass and panfish.  What I like the best about this transition is the switch from wading to kayaking.

I love fishing from a kayak.  Make no mistake about it,  it's a hell of a lot easier to fish from a boat where you can stand up or at least sit above the water line to cast, but fishing from a kayak does have its advantages.  Silently gliding over the water's surface with minimal disturbance allows me to get closer to the fish. I can carry a lot more gear with me as well, including an extra rod rigged and ready to go.   I can cast for panfish with a three weight, while my big gun lies in wait in the rod holder.  When I come up on that bassy looking spot or a larger fish shows himself, I can quickly change outfits and make the presentation.  Its a great way to fish!  The kayak gets me into smaller, more remote waters where my bigger boat can't go.  I can throw the boat on the roof of my truck and be on the water in minutes once I get to the water.  There's no rigging involved, no batteries to go dead and best of all no fuel to buy.

Fishing simplified...


  1. I do most of my fishing from a 14ft Mad River Canoe. I love it. Easy to load on the car and always ready to go. The stealth part is awesome and I love the pace and simplistic nature of fly fishing from a canoe / kayak.

  2. I have a small 9.5 footer. Good to get me out on the water and very light on the budget, something I need both of.

  3. I'm in the market for a new one. I'm looking at a few sit on top models. I'll put up a few posts n the selection process.

  4. DiabloPaddlesports if you can afford it. I can't.

  5. I like the Diablo its supposed to be incredibly stable. I want to paddle it as I don't know how well the design will track in the water. I have one dealer in New Jersey but they are quite a distance away. I just looked a Jackson Coosa which was very impressive.