Sunday, July 17, 2011

Reflections at 30,000 feet

A long day of travel is in store for me today as I make the journey from New Jersey to the promised land of trout fishing, Montana. The journey is required until the day comes when I can pick up the family and relocate to somewhere a little more in line with my passions. So for now, it is a tight airliner seat, on a crowded plane, next to a snoring stranger. As I struggle to hit the keys on this jostled, turbulence ridden aircraft I look forward with anticipation to 10 days of fishing in the promised land and already missing the wife and kids staying behind.

After four hours in the air there will be another five or six hours of traveling on the ground, but come sundown I will be casting to rising fish on the Henry's Fork.

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Location:Somewhere over middle America

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  1. I just got back from fishing northern Idaho cutthroat and it was freekin great! Good luck, can't wait for the pics.
    FYI - my family and I spent 24hrs in airports, got bumped off 3 flights on way back and rerouted from slc to msp to atl and it still was worth the trip!