Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Secret Flies of the Czech and Slovak Fly-Tiers

I managed to pick up a copy of this book from Fly Fishing Point.  The book is great but I was even more impressed with the site I purchased it from.  The Fly Fishing Point has a great website and their service was incredible.  I ordered the book on a Sunday night and it was in my hands by Tuesday.  The book is a collection of 350 patterns from 21 Slovak fly tiers.  This is not just a collection of Czech nymph patterns but includes dries, wets, streamers and jig patterns as well.  I'll be tying a bunch of these patterns for my local waters, some of these patterns look awful fishy and will definately be something the fish have not seen before.  I'll post the patterns as I tie them so stay tuned...


  1. This is a great site for Eastern European FF.

    A lot of interesting tiers...


    PT/TB :-)

  2. Bart, that rocks.

    Who knew the Iron Curtain held back such secrets? Thank goodness the Cold War has passed and this vital intelligence is now in the public domain...

    The fish will never know what got 'em...

  3. Looks like a sweet find-- look forward to seeing the patterns and hearing how they work!


  4. That's a great web site! There are a lot of great patterns there. Still trying to figure out what language it is.