Friday, November 13, 2009

Singlebarbed Sixth Finger Scissor

I have always admired those fly tiers who mastered the art of tying with a pair of scissors in their hands.  I call it an art because it is something I have never been able to do.  I gave up after I embedded the points of the scissors into my eye brow.  I was tying away late one evening and felt a little itch above my right took about ten minutes to stop the bleeding.  I vowed after that to give up on trying to tie with sharp implements in my hands

Yesterday I received a package in the mail that will change all that.  The Sixth Finger Scissor.  They are an ingenious pair of light weight spring loaded scissors with an oversized ring that comfortably fits over your middle finger.  You can find out more about the scissors at Singlebarbed's Blog.

I tied up a dozen flies up last night using the new scissor in hand and I was blown away.  After 30 years of tying flies I can finally hold a pair a scissors in my hand while working.  I was able to turn out a dozen Czech nymphs without wiping blood from my eyes, which is always a plus!  Thanks Singlebarb!

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