Monday, November 23, 2009

Caddis Larva

I picked up this recipe for a caddis larva pattern from Johan Klingberg.  Johan is a fly tier from Sweden who was one of the featured tiers at the Fly Tying Symposium over the weekend.  This a great looking pattern that will sink like a rock.  It will be an excellent pattern to fish with the Polish\Czech nymphing method.  What made this pattern unique was the method in which the dubbing was applied to the hook shank to give that deep segmentation.

Hook:  Partridge CZ hook
Weight: Fine square lead wire wrapped in two layers over bottom third of hook (this is what gives the fly the pronounced lower body)
Rib:  Olive tying thread
Dubbing:  Blue wing olive FlyRite dubbing.  FlyRite is a long fibered synthetic dubbing.  Long fibers are separated from the bunch, then overlapped and tied in by the tips.  Twist the fibers into a rope and wrap on hook.  Wraps should not be touching, leave a little gap and fill in with thread ribbing after tying off dubbing.
Legs:  Hen feather

I dug out some FlyRite dubbing and started playing around with it.  I am going to crank out a couple dozen in different sizes/colors.  This should be a good pattern.

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  1. Damn that looks tasty! Glad to see some of your world, some wonderful looking fish you've landed this fall. Congrats, thanks for getting a hold of me man, I'll keep in touch. Take care.

    the winonaflyfactory