Monday, January 3, 2011

The Fly Tying Manual...

It's been quiet around here lately because I started a project a few weeks back that has morphed into something quite unexpected.  Our TU chapter runs a six week fly tying course every year.  As one of the instructors I thought I would put together a little pamphlet reviewing some of the patterns that would be covered in the beginners course.  

That "pamphlet" has turned into a 100+ page Ebook containing detailed tying sequence photos, and tons of information that would be useful to the beginner tier.  I have enjoyed the process of writing it and I am pleased on how it is turning out. 

I am on the tail end of this endeavor so please bear with me, things should get back to normal in a week or two.

I also want to apoligize for all the missing photos on the blog.  Apparently there is some sort of bug with the iPad Blogger app.  I lost all of the photos associated with blogs posted from the iPad.  Hopefully I can get the issue resolved.

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