Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Box...

Pink Czech Nymphs
Another compartment in one of my Czech nymph boxes that needed to be filled is the one that held Pink Czech Nymphs.  For reasons known only to the fish, this particular color combination was particularly effective this past season.  I tie four variations of this pattern, tan back or pearl flash back with either a bead head or thread head.  Interestingly enough, my friend Lou from Fly and Fin posted about a Bugs of the Underworld video segment that appeared to show a caddis larva with a pinkish hue.  I know he does well on the same water with a similar pink grub.

Pink Czech Nymph
Hook:  Knapek Czech nymph hook size 12 or 14
Thread:  Uni 6/0 brown
Bead:  Black tungsten (optional)
Underbody: Sticky back lead tape
Shell Back:  Tan Thin Skin or pearl flash back
Rib (inner):  Small gold wire
Rib (outer): Small red wire
Abdomen:  Pink UV pink Ice Dub
Hot Spot: Yellow synthetic dubbing
Thorax:  Olive and black hares ear dubbing
Gills:  Light gray after shaft feather


  1. Looks nice. I just received some shrimp pink dubbing from Nature's Spirit and may tie some of these up. In the photo, I can't notice the yellow hot spot mentioned in the materials list.



  2. Oh, OK, I see it in the top photo! I didn't notice that one before commenting!

  3. Juan,
    I noticed that as well. The color is way off on the close up images. My camera has an LED illuminator for macro work and the yellow just washed out of those pictures.