Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another variation on a hot spot micro-nymph

Micro Hot Spot Nymph
This pattern is very similar to the one in the previous post.  Substituting materials makes this version a much brighter fly with more flash.

Pattern Recipe:

Hook: DOHIKU bead hook (14-16 can substitute a standard scud hook)
Bead:  Gold tungsten
Tail:  Woodduck flank fibers
Hotspot:  Hot Orange Uni 6/0
Ribbing:  Synthetic pearl quill
Abdomen:  Synthetic brown quill
Thorax:  Synthetic peacock " eye"dubbing (it has a gold tint to it that does not pick up well in the photo)


  1. Hi there,

    You have a cracking blog, which I check into on a regular basis, as a beginner to fly tying I have tried to copy some of your patterns, and looking forward to trying them out this season.

    One question, what color is the DK Pearl Synthetic Quill ribbing that you use??

    Best Regards, Robbie (Ireland)

  2. Robbie,
    Sorry for the delay in response. For some reason your comment needed moderation and I missed it. the color of the ribbing is 02 for the brown and 03 for the ribbing