Friday, October 29, 2010

More Fall Fishing

This trip could have been one of the best of the year, conditions were perfect if not for one thing...leaves.  The day dawned cloudy, wet and warm.  The forecast was a 80% chance of rain but no wind and temps in the mid 70's. I thought for sure it would be the perfect day for chucking big meaty streamers or swinging big bright soft hackles.  When I arrived on the banks of the stream my hopes were dashed, it was literally a flowing soup of leaves.  

There was absolutely no way to retrieve a streamer or work a set of wet flies with out fouling on the debris floating down stream. By picking out current seams out of the main flow you could find clearer water and willing fish.  But since these were not prime lies the fish were smaller.  I did get smashed by one bruiser of a brown trout as he grabbed a 10" rainbow I had hooked.  The fish had fought it's way into a deeper pool and the brown came up to eat.  It chased that fish right up to my feet and just waited there for almost a minute.  I could have touched him with the tip of my rod.  I guess he could not figure out where his lunch went and was expecting it would scoot out from some unseen hiding place.  I tossed the rainbow back into another current seam and hoped he made it back to the safety of shallow water. The day produced loads of fish but nothing bigger than 12".

Winged wets proved more successful than soft hackles.  Due to the leaves in the water my usual soft hackle presentations were out of the question.  So it was short casts to small sections of open water and a hand twist retrieve of the flies.  The winged wet fly presented a better profile under these conditions.  Drab colors with some flash seemed to work the best.  


  1. Nice report. Fall makes for some beautiful colors...but some shrapnel on the water. Glad to see you were able to navigate around it.

  2. Even full of leaves the river looks great. I am fully expecting our rivers to be rammed with leaves this weekend, as the wind has begun to blow here in the UK and the leaves are being stripped off the trees as I type this. Most of the Rivers close to me have been low and clear all year, as a result of this they were full of weed which is beginning to die back as the colder weather sets in. So we have rafts of the stuff floating down with the leaves. Sunday should be some fun fishing.

  3. good job navigating through all the leaves.

  4. Daniel,
    We have very low water here as well which makes things worse. Thankfully I'm dealing only with leaves! Good luck!