Monday, October 22, 2012


As you all know this blog has recently gone through a long dry spell.  So it was particularly frustrating when I hit the river on Thursday hoping to put together a photo intensive post on fall wet fly fishing and this is what I get when I turn the camera on…

Now I know I put the battery in the charger the night before so I was a bit puzzled.  The mystery was solved when I arrived home that evening.  Battery chargers tend to work best when plugged in.  A little tip from the Jersey Angler.


  1. Me to - so here's my solution: Batteries are small, don't weigh much and aren't all that expensive. I have three: one in the camera, a fully charged spare in the camera bag and a third in the charger or as a standby at home.

  2. I heading out to buy more batteries tomorrow!

  3. Glad to see you are back writing and especially photographing (well attempting). I have had same problem with bat's and my most recent no card in the camera after last download...this discovered after driving out hell and gone to take pics at pioneer cemetery. Gary