Thursday, October 20, 2011

IF4 is coming to New Jersey

The International Fly Fishing Film Festival is joining ranks with the Fly Fishing Show at various venues in early 2012.  For those of us in the tri-state area, Somerset New Jersey appears to be on the list.  According to Ben Furimsky, "Film Festival screenings will be held immediately following the conclusion of the Fly Fishing Show, about 6:30 p.m. depending on the venue. There will be separate admission charged for the films, but will be discounted for those attending the Fly Fishing Show".    It looks like the date for the New Jersey Show will be Friday January 27, 2012.

According the producers of the film festival.  “The International Fly Fishing Film Festival (IF4) consists of 16 short and feature length films produced by professional and amateur filmmakers from all corners of the globe, showcasing the passion, lifestyle and culture of fly fishing. From steelhead in Northern BC to chasing multiple species in Costa Rica, the variety of films will pique the interest of all anglers. IF4 contains exclusive content not available in any other fly fishing film event.”

I had the opportunity to attend one of these festivals a few years back in Denver and I can attest that they are a great time.  I'm looking forward to attending this one.

For you folks on the other side of the Deleware River the show will also be coming to Pennsylvania on February 18, 2012 after the Lancaster show.  I just may make that one too!


  1. sweet. Are you going to the Tying show in November?

  2. of course you will its not like you work hard!