Friday, June 10, 2011

They are finally looking up!

Its been a difficult season this year.  On most days that I have had available to fish I was forced to deal with  high muddy water.  Lots of fish caught but all below the surface.  Things have finally settled down over the last few weeks and there has been some fine afternoon dry fly fishing.  There have been some great sulfur hatches but little in the was of surface feeding.  The late afternoon spinner falls are another matter all together.  Fish can be found boiling on the surface as clouds of spinners descend to the water, just as the last visible light slips below the horizon.  It becomes a game of feel and sound. There has been some great fishing just after dark.  Fishing in the dark presents challenges.  Since I try not to use a light on the water, re-tying flies to tippets can take forever,  There is enough fumbling with rod and reel going on, so no after dark photography for me, besides its a short lived game, so there is no time for pictures.

Luckily there have been a few that have been convinced to sip a dry fly while still light enough to enjoy seeing the take.  This guy fell for a carpenter ant at high noon...

This one on a sulphur emerger fished in the film.

Its been a long time coming...


  1. Nice post and beautiful brown.

  2. Great pictures of your catch. Do you usually take the pictures yourself? Any tips?

  3. Justin, I do take all my own photographs and I wish I could tell you I knew what I was doing. I don't consider myself a photographer by any sense of the word. Half of the time I go out I forget the camera in the car or remember I have one dangling around my neck just as I slip a beautiful fish back into the water. If I knew what I was doing, you would see a lot more photos on this blog! I will say that I love the camera I am using. I think it makes up for alot of my shortfalls. It is a Pentax W-90 a compact waterproof, shockproof camera. I think I have it listed in my recommendation section in the right column of the blog if you want some info on it.