Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tuxedo Nymph

Tuxedo Nymph
Hook:  Standard Nymph Hook size 14 or 16 
Thread:  8/0 black
Tail:  Black and white barred feather fibers like teal or gadwall flank feathers, even finely barred grizzly hackle will work in a pinch
Ribbing: Small silver wire
Abdomen:  Black synthetic dubbing
Thorax:  White ostrich herl
Bead:  Black (glass, brass or tungsten)

I have only been fishing this nymph for a few seasons but it has produced well.  I would categorize it as a general attractor nymph since it does not really imitate any specific food form.  The idea for the pattern came from flies like the prince nymph, I believe the contrast of the dark body and the white wings on that fly contribute to its effectiveness.  The contrasting black and white color scheme on this pattern maximizes that contrast..  I will often fish this fly as part of a team of flies employing various euro-nymphing techniques.

I usually tie the fly as indicated in the pattern recipe however on the fly pictured I tied it on a 2x short #12  Gamakatsu S10-2S hook.  It has the hook shank of a #14 but the hook gap of the larger #12.  This should improve the holding ability for landing the larger fish that live in my home stream. 


  1. Nice bug. I love the slim profile of it and the contrast is definitely going to get their attention. I've started using ostrich herl for the heads on my midges and it's been working well. Only thing I find is that it gets pretty mangled after one or two fish.

  2. nice nymph i'm gonna tie a few up