Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Peek Into The Nymph Box...

I had high hopes of getting out several times over the holiday weekend but a nasty cold kept me close to home.  So instead of fishing I started my late season fly tying in earnest.  I have loads of near empty fly boxes that need refilling and a few new patterns to add to the arsenal.

I did get out the day after Thanksgiving but I paid for it dearly over the weekend.  The fly that produced the best that day was a anchor pattern inspired by fly tier Kevin Compton owner of Performance Flies.  This slim pattern sinks like a rock and is an effective fish catcher.  Dubbed the "Copper Bead" by my friend Aaron Jasper, one of the founders of Trout Predator Online, it is now one of my go to flies for fish holding in deeper fast water.

"The Copper Bead"
The Copper Bead

Hook:  DOHIKU model 302 size 6-12
Bead:  Copper tungsten
Thread: Brown 6/0 Uni
Tail:  Wood duck fibers
Rib: Pearl synthetic ribbing
Abdomen:  Hares ear dubbing mixed with copper flash or copper metallic dubbing (dub the body as thin as possible with slight taper.
Thorax:  "Tiger Beetle" (black/orange) zelon dubbing


  1. That damn copper bead...

    I made two dozen of them when I got home!

    That was a great time. Thanks again and I can't wait for round two.

  2. Nice fly, and cool blog, too. What company makes that particular bead? I like the shape.

  3. Nick,
    I'll see if I can get you some info on the beads. I know this batch of beads has been lying around or a while, they are are few years old. Thanks for your comments.

  4. Good post. I like fishing nymphs. Periodically I really get into it...now I've got a new fly to tie.