Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trifecta Plus One....

Although it's not a rare occurance, pulling off a trifecta on my local river doesn't happen too often.  It is predominantly a brown trout fishery with a healthy number of rainbows sprinkled in for good measure.  Brook trout are not as common and what is even less common, at least in the area of river I fish, are smallmouth bass.  Over the weekend I pulled off the quadfecta...brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout and the elusive smallmmouth bass.

First at the gate was this fellow.  As I said previously we don't see many catchable size smallies on this section of stream.
The Elusive Smallmouth Bass

Second up is the rainbow trout, fairly common in faster sections of the stream and they do quite well in this river.

Next up is my favorite, the brown trout.  My best fish from this stream was a brown that stretched the tape past the 28" mark.  In the early season, once the chill comes off the day the browns start to feed pretty regularly but they definately show a preference for overcast days.

Some big...
Some not so big...

Finally the brook trout...most of what you catch will look like this.

Typical brook trout

But once in a blue moon you'll be lucky enough to find one that looks like this...

Not so typical brook trout

I don't know where this fella came from but he was in prime shape.  Perfect fins and a lean muscular body that has spent a season or two in the river.  My personal best for this stream.  All and all it was a great season opener!

One final note...
As I was gearing up for the day someone made the comment that I would not be sneaking up on any fish that day wearing my new yellow Fiberglass Manifesto t-shirt.  I guess the fish were color blind that day or they loved the new design!  Thanks Cameron!


  1. Nice fish you got there, good job :)

  2. Your day on the water sounds like a dream I keep having that hasn't quite come true yet. That is one hell of a nice brookie. Great job!

  3. Looks like a great day on the water with an added bonus of a SMB. Congrats!

  4. Awesome day. I love a fishin' hole with a little diversity.

  5. What a ridiculous day fishing! Congrats! Where I fish, it's the trout that are elusive, not the smallies!!!